Sunday, March 01, 2015

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Venezuela-INTT has processed more than 2 thousand plates in Carabobo through electronic citation

Valencia, Dec 26 ABN .- Since the implementation of its online system, the National Land Transport (INTT) has processed more than 2 thousand plates for private vehicles in the state of Carabobo.

The head of the Valencia office of that body, Neolander Carballo, noted that the large number of documents has been granted fast and legal, for the benefit of the people that need these plates.

"This is an online system that offers people the faster to get their badges. In the three months since our office was implemented in the online system, we have served more than 2 thousand people who come with their electronic citation "he said.

Carballo stated that this INTT office located in Carabobo state electronic system will be permanent.

He recalled that concerned citizens can get an appointment through address, which must register and print a form to be submitted the day he was assigned to process your document.

Written by :
Henrik Bratfeldt
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